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Up North in Wisconsin


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The CS 17 and I joined 5 other campers for a week on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in far Up North Wisconsin.  This is an impoundment dating to 1926 behind a dam designed to provide electricity to farms and communities in the area.  The 14,000-acre Flowage (as we call impoundments here) has 334 miles of shoreline and 377 islands, and I would estimate about 100 million stumps, logs, rocks and mudflats.  Still the sailing wasn't bad.  We set up a base camp and went out every day to sail and poke around. 

Our fleet included the CS 17, a Sea Pearl 21, two sailing kayaks with akas and amas, and a strip built sailing canoe based on a 16-foot square-stern Grumman. 

We had some pretty windy days and some moderate days, with the breezes and gusts swirling around those 377 islands.  It was a good place to practice upwind technique, nosing out the gusts and playing the shifts.  As to the stumps, mud, etc., I learned that the CS could sail, or at least make forward progress, if unhappily, in about 8" of water.  Before the group arrived, I spent one night anchored out, sleeping on the boat.  I got pelted with rain, but stayed mostly dry under my dodger and tarp setup.

A few fotos for fun.


Launch ramp.jpg



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