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Making a Tent for a Sailboat


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It does hunt at anchor but the boat alone, without the tent, hunts at anchor so I am not sure how much the tent is creating and issue versus exaggerating it. typically I bow and stern anchor myself in the lee of an island and its not an issue.

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Here's what I have now.  (Instead of the full mizzen mast, I just had a piece of mast tubing stuck in for the canvas crew to work with.)  In use, I'll run the mizzen sail up above this unit and tie the sail and sprit up with the halyard.  Same for the main.

This rear "tent" ties into the dodger I already have.  The back end hangs down to the bottom and lands on the seats with no tie downs, enough to run rain down and off.  It's stiff enough that I don't foresee any wind problems.  The sides are snapped in.  There are screens in the back, with canvas covers over, and the back flaps also roll up nicely for an open rear if desired.


As I mentioned earlier, I gave up trying to keep the full cockpit dry.  This gives me enough room to sleep and cook (if needed) on the platform made of the boards I put across the front footwells.  Yes, there will be rainwater on the boat bottom below, but I will bail and pump it out when the time comes.  Works for me, I guess.  Harken Canvas did the work.




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The attachments on the sides are the little turn screws.  You put the oval shaped piece in the canvas over the fitting and turn the top of the fitting.  It's worked well on the dodger.  Very quick, and has held up well in the dodger. They just used some wood screws, yes.  I've watched for signs of either pulling loose or water intrusion or other ills, but so far nothing that I can see.  I figure if something goes bad, I can substitute small flathead through bolts, but not needed yet.

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