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Spindrift perma-reefing

Aleksandr Pasechnik

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So the single line reefing on the Spindrift is nice and all, but in general I don’t go out long enough for the wind to change dramatically enough to need a sail area change. The tides tend to limit single-trip times on the Hudson (staying within a tidal current speed that I could row against at need).


So if I wanted to go out already reefed in a stiffer breeze, do I just attach the outhaul to the reefeing clew and the tack to the gooseneck attachment? Or is there something special about the reefing line and I should still set that up even if it’s permanently pulled tight?

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If your boom is set up for reefing there is a cheekblock about a foot from the end of the boom that the reefing line runs through. This helps keep the reefing clew close to the boom. If your outhaul is coming from the end of the boom you would want an extra line tying the reefing clew down close to the boom. 

Its sounds like you have a very interesting area to sail in.

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