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A Sail Change

Don Silsbe

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I’ve been sailing my Two Paw 8 for two years now, and I love the little thing.  But  last month I sailed her alongside Jan Coté’s Spindrift 12.  She flew by me!  When we switched, and I sailed hers, I sailed circles around Two Bits— literally!    I felt the need for speed.

So, I’m in the process of changing from a spritsail rig to the Bermuda rig sail plan that came with my plans.  Both were with the plans.  Plus, I already had a spritsail rig from another boat.  But now, I want the faster sail.  Here’s my problem.

If you know me and my BRS15 Local Honey, you know that I love to furl and stow my sails on the mast.  I’d love to do that with this new rig, but that would mean deleting the battens, and eliminating the roach.  The reduction in sail area is about 9%, according to my calculations.  Dare I alter the sail plan, and reduce sail area?  After all, I’m doing this for speed.  What do y’all think?





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If you don't have a sail made yet and you don't have a mast yet ?

You could make the mast with a track and the sail with slides then do a boom reefing/furling system like older (60's) sail boats had.

Then just pull a pin at the goose neck and away you go.

Just thinking out loud because as you know I would like to have roller furling on my Spindrift.

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Almost all of the drive comes from the forward third of the sail except when sailing down wind. Don't worry about a silly little 9%. You're bigger problem is the speed/length ratio. Shorter waterline=slower speed. 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length. If you can get up on plane, you can exceed this, but I doubt your pram will do that.

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@Chick Ludwig— That was what I was thinking.  I know that most of the power comes from the forward third.  I am willing to sacrifice a little downwind power for the convenience of furling.  I was hoping to hear from Alan or Graham on this.  I need to order my sail within the week, in order to get a good deal.  I’ll wait a few days more for their input, and pull the trigger.


I do understand that my TP8 will never keep up with any Spindrift.  I’m looking for a little better upwind performance.  I’m also tired of fussing with the sprit.

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