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Facebook Market find, Spindrift 10?


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I have been following B&B boats for a while, hoping to someday build a core sound 20mk3.  I came across this add on FB market place, for  $250, less than 5 min from my house, I decided why not.  Though, the add does not say what type of boat it is I believe it is a spindrift 10'.   I loaded it up on a trailer and got it home in my wood shop today.  It was an estate sale, the original builder I was told passed away several years ago.  I am not sure how old the kit is and I could not find any scraps of fiberglass or the plans/manual in the garage I picked the boat up from.  there was an old empty can of west marine epoxy.  It has the rudder and dagger board but no sail or mast.  My thoughts are that finishing this boat will give me some good experience boat building and confidence to build something bigger like a core sound 20.  Any advice would be appreciated.  












IMG_1578 2.PNG


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Probably the the slowest built Spindrift 10 ever.  I finally got around to doing a a little boat work, figured I would share a few pictures.  Making lots of mistakes but learning along the way. having fun!






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A few more pictures. Hope to get the inside coated with 3 coats of epoxy this week and flip the boat over and start working on the out side of the hull and get it ready for primer and paint.  Still trying to figure out what I want to do for paint but figured I would coat the entire boat in epoxy primer for now and figure out the paint later.  Seems the more I research paint the more confused I get.   image.thumb.jpeg.2a8259e9c69363a715c1a687dcf51ce2.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.725af7b318e22e7cee0ab9eacbd35249.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.d365c02f75d4dcc57cf3fc85037f644b.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.7abafc6b953dbd8381757c57deb05109.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.df3b744e3df678daab0d2cf144ffd733.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.0091ea7fd8623827fe7f967c65303a83.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.02914672692b2a7fa634779df8cd484f.jpeg


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