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CS20.3 - Sheer Strake / Bulkhead joints


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Good morning!


I'm in the process of fitting the sheer strakes onto my cabin frame, have a gap problem, and could use advice...


During construction I messed up the joint between the very top part of the  hull panel and BH2 - instead of them being tight here is a slight gap of approximately .3 - .5 cm. This joint is filleted and glassed and everything else has been built around it so I don't think this gap is closable at this point. [Photo below with a red circle around the gap.]  


However, I think this means that I have to pick between one of two issues, either:

  1. The sheer strake is tight against the bulkhead, so the hull panel will jut out a little bit to the outside of the bottom of the sheer strake [Photo below with a red square around the underhang].  I think I would then cover up that problem with a gunnel strip on the outside and pretend it never happened;  or
  2. The sheer strake is properly positioned on top of the hull panel, and there is a .5 cm gap in between the inside bottom of the sheer strake and the bulkhead, which would narrow as the sheer strake approaches the top of the bulkhead and meets the cabin top. Here, I would just fill this with thickened epoxy, glass over it, and pretend that it never happened.


I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on what to do or whether there is a better way to obfuscate my mistake?




Gap 1.png


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Dealing with the gap is the easy part.  Is the side with the gap now higher than the other? Does it protrude out beyond the topsides?  Do you have to trim the top of one cabin side now to match the other? Do you need to dress down anything sticking out too far?  These would be my concern.


BTW, you have no shear strake on your boat.  You do have a shear, and that gap is in it.

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The gap between the bulkhead and the hull panel is only at BH2, and only for an inch or two down from where the hull panel hits the bulkhead.  If the sheer strake is pushed hard against the bulkhead (option 1) I'd say that there will be a "lip" where the hull panel sticks out for about 6-8" on either side of BH2 gradually disappearing

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