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Wow… “Norma T” is in an International Sailing Magazine


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This past May, I joined the Dinghy Cruising Association (United Kingdom — Roger Barnes, President.)   Part of the membership includes a quarterly journal, available in print and digital. Also available through the association membership is access to their forum and digital access to over ten years of their journal. I’ve read through a few of the previous journals, but I received my first print copy last week.  I think it is a high quality production in terms of writing, photography, amount of material, and things of interest to a small-sailboat enthusiast. 

And so, I am sitting here in my screen tent at 10:30 pm in a Minnesota State Park campsite, paging through for the first time my copy of the 100+ page journal…



…when I spot a familiar looking Core Sound 15… familiar, because I built it last year.  


How fun to see this. I had already spotted my name among the 86 new members from around the world listed on pages 6 and 7… but seeing the Norma T pop out at me from page 73 of this delightful magazine was a real surprise. I hope the boat presents itself reasonably well here. It’s just a snapshot that I took while walking back from parking my car/trailer after launching it the first time this year.  I had posted it on the DCA Facebook page… and my post was placed into their magazine.  ?

AND, it should be recognized that this forum is also “International.”


My LINKS on this forum:
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Blog: “Sailing the Norma T”

Blog: “Building Joe” (Introduction)

Blog: “Building Joe” (Continuation)

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