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storing C17 on a boat lift on a lake


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I store my C17 on a boat lift at a lake.   I have a custom cover that covers the cockpit, but I need to take the sails off their tracks along with the wood spars.  Do any of you store your boat on a lift and if so, how do you handle (store) your sails?  I've thought about just getting a sail cover that laces up the mast at the head of the sail, but those are typically designed with a boom in mind.  Interested in ideas at this point since I want to get away from taking off the sails completely and then putting them on the sail tracks again.


Thanks for your help.

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Our local shop makes "mooring covers" that go around the masts, which would allow you to keep the cockpit covered and sails bent on.  this is an example, not from the local shop.  https://www.landfallnavigation.com/zim-420-mast-up-top-cover.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwz_WGBhA1EiwAUAxIcciSIt6pMiSHcn5cNbAKxGeTJInvaXJ5zew1MwsC56V8bWZ8djgXqRoCqswQAvD_BwE 

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