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A New Paint Additive

Don Silsbe

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I have viewed this video a few times now, and I am intrigued.

 I wonder if anyone has tried this stuff out with our beloved Devoe 2-part polyurethane.  We’re already using an Awlgrip reducer for the Devoe product, and this stuff looks awesome.  Anybody tried it yet?


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I wish PAR were still around.  He’d have an opinion on this.


I just came i to a fill can of Interlux 333N.  That’s a thinner for two-part poly.  I’m getting low on the Awlgrip T0031, that Alan recommends for thinning Devthane.  Maybe I’ll do a little test on some panels I’m building.  

But I sure would like another opinion on this Alexseal product.  I’m not exactly poor, but I’m not eager to spend $37 on an experiment.  I could use one capful, and find out that they are incompatible.

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