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Ripping on stem & stern

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I built a Mess About 6 or 7 years ago.  When I built it, I don't know of the rub strips were being sold, but I didn't use them.  While the boat has held up great, years of use have worn through the skin as shown.  You can see duct tape has held for a while, but now I need to address.  My question is whether this is a re-skin situation or if I could patch somehow.  My thought was to cover both ends with a rub strip and use silicone or some adhesive under it that would stop the leaking.  Anyone have any experiencing fixing something like this?



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Hi Garrett,


what kind of Fabric is this ? 


I glue Polyester Fabric with "Sabacontact 70t". I have heard glueing Nylon is not as easy.


I have glued a long cut. It is like new, but i have glued it from inside, where no Coating is on the surface of my fabric.


I think you have to make some tests.


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Will do, didn't know if anyone had a better option.  I am surprised at how little it leaks as it is.  A little pumping after an hour of paddling and I'm fine  Just concerned that one day it opens just enough to swamp me :)


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I've found that Gorilla Patch and Seal Tape is great for patching SOF boats.  It's plastic-coated and totally waterproof, with a soft and flexible permanent adhesive.  Unlike duct tape, it can even be applied on a wet surface in an emergency.

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