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FreeB Frame and A dimension question

Walter T

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I'm back at it after a bad, awful accident with a very large martin house that fell from 12' high hitting me on the head and blowing out all of the rotator tendons in my shoulder, all healed up after surgery and ready to go. This my first build from scratch so my question is about the next set  stringers just up from the keel stringer. Can't decide if the stringers should go just before the angle up or after. I went by the drawings in the second book by Jeff and put the notches for the stringer before the angle and it looks that may be wrong. It looks like it would be hard to bend the stringers in that position. My second question is, since there is no A dimensions in the plans, I'm assuming that there must be no rocker in this design. Is that correct? I hope you can figure out what I am trying to say about the stringers and the notch placement.

Thanks a bunch

Walter T

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