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Dory Scull


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This is from a MAIB article circa 1993. A WB show display. Interested in this design but all queries so far unsuccessful. Hard to read but "Coffey/Bolger" credit?? (Anyone know of this now defunct youth club in PA?) Thanks


dory scull1993 WB show.jpg

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Williamsport is not near Pittsburgh, where my son lives, or I’d have him look into it.  You’re looking for a “youth sculling dory”?  It might need to be bigger, if it is for an adult.  Once I built  a Sheerwater 14 for someone— an adult.  It was a mistake.  It was designed for smaller people.  When I paddled it, it was like paddling a wet noodle.  I’m currently rowing a Sam Devlin Duckling 14.  After rowing a friend’s CLC Annapolis Wherry, my Duckling is too short.  Devlin does offer plans for a 17, but that wherry rowed like a dream.

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