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A new library of B&B builders Logs, photos

Alan Stewart

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This is something that I've thought about how to do for a long time. It's a lot of manual data entry of course (wish I had started a few years ago) but this weekend I put together a framework that I am pretty happy with that will help us to keep this up to date using the data we already have on hull numbers and adding in links to build it out. Most of the data feeding this document only goes back 5 years but we're working on that. The page is built using hyperlinks so it's not the most long lasting solution but for now it's working well. The sheet is searchable like any webpage just do a ctrl+F and type in your search term like your hull number or boat name. 


For each boat in the Library I chose to include:

-Hull number and vessel name 

-A link to the build thread or blog/website (click the link at the left)

-Up to 3 photos of each boat (one minimum)

-A link to an additional photo album (if there is one)

-A link to a YouTube video (if there is one)


You can now see it at the link below or on our website by going to "Helpful links" in the top menu and then "Archive of build logs" in the drop down.   

B&B Build Log Library


Right now this is "ALL" of the builds in one big list grouped by model and sorted by descending hull number. I would also like to eventually break this out into our design pages so you'd see for example just the Spindrift builds link on the spindrift page. 


I know I am missing many iconic build logs entirely and if you don't see yours you can help me out by filling out this form and we will add them in.

Fill out the form here


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Nice job. 


Spindrift 11N unknown is Garry, I forget last name.  He is the one who called it his expedition Spindrift.  He is also the one who designed the SS nesting hardward I used on my 9N. The link for this is still on his site. https://pbase.com/onceagain/connector_design


Maybe a link to the forum thread documenting a build could be added.  That way you get a ton of pictures for those who want to see them without clogging up your log.

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Thanks for the input!

I've added all of the links that have been submitted thus far. 


Well, i don't sleep very much! Probably less soon, newborn on the way just a few weeks now. 


Dave, I've got Garry's link in there and we had the wrong picture for his now correct. All of the entries in the log link either to the forum thread of the build or the website or blog (if not on the forum) Just click on the Blue link text on the left side. The 3 photos are just a selection. I though it would be cool to have like first picture either a pile of wood or very first assembly etc. second picture in progress, third picture on the water sailing/having fun. More work but looks nice. 

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