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Request for Advice, Coastal Camp Cruising

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MANY years ago I considered an open boat with tent arrangement, or a removable cuddy. After all the considerations you are discussing, I'm sure glad all my cruisers would have cabins. Time to BUILD a

I don't care for the heat of June, July, August. Plus there are fewer bugs and fewer people in the off season, but those are personal preferences.   October and November are good. Water temp

Happy New Year Don,  it seems you’ve done your due diligence thinking through the tent selection and I now better understand the challenges. Choosing a side entry is a good choice with the tents

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Hi Don,


I'm enthusiastic about this topic.  Dinghy cruising was really the adventure I had in mind when I built my CS 15.


About shelter, I used fire resistant polytarp for my boom tent. I worried that if my tent caught fire, there'd be nowhere to escape to.   I also bought a cheap mosquito netting shelter from Wal-Mart that I attached to the inside of the tent.  I can roll up the tent walls and let the breeze flow through. 


I second the recommendation of http://logofspartina.blogspot.com Steve Early is a great photographer.  Also Roger Barnes youtube videos.  Roger has a book out, The Dinghy Cruising Companion, which you might enjoy.


Nobody mentioned cooking and sanitation, so I'll add my bit on those topics.


I like my 1-burner butane stove for cooking.  Compared to many backpacking/camping stoves, it has a very low center of gravity.  The downside is that the butane canisters don't produce enough gas when it's cold.  BTW, for starch with a dinner meal, I like couscous instead of pasta or rice.  Dead simple to cook and clean up.  I always end up dropping a few "cousies" in the bilge, though.


Sanitation:  I pack the solids out, just to do my little bit for the Chesapeake where I sail.   Here's a photo of my wag bag Taj-ma-John, which is made to fit under the center thwart.  The inside-out bottom corner is an "oops" fix that allows me to work my bailer.  Inside the box, I store a supply of wag bags, hand sanitizer extra TP and wipes.  Ollie the cat stays home.  As a bonus, my wife loves having it along when the two of us land-camp in our big family tent.  I built an additional base to hold it upright on level ground.




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@meester— thanks for the detail.  I’ve been experimenting with a ramen bowl and dumping on a foul packet of chicken.  Where do you buy your wag bags?


@Designer & Meester— Roger Barnes is awesome! Thank you for the tip!  It cracks me up how he drags his anchor chain across his seats and inwales.



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