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Spindrift 10 Build (by a 9th Grade Girl)


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(Be sure to check The Weezer’s most recent post at the bottom of the previous page — she added it this morning and THIS post forced a new page.)



She’s Working Well — Starting the Inside Topcoats

The high School shut down 😷 for 10 days. I heard there are over 400 infections and many staff are sick (unsure if the number is correct but the problem is significant.)  On-line classes for the next week but this might give The Weezer time to move her boat toward completion. 

Three coats of primer, sanding and surface-wiping make things ready for topcoat paint. 


She intends that the eventual white on the gunwales will come down an inch inside, so things are taped off. 


She decided that what I’ve used, Interlux Brightsides, will be what she’ll use to finish her Spindrift.  Pink isn’t available, but using my Goldenbook training as a kid (The Color Kittenswe’re gonna make our own. 


Hee hee hee… eye of newt… ear of bat… blood of Brightsides…







Starting coat one.  For the second coat she might darken it a tad, plus add some thinner to the mixture.  Oh, and all I’m doing these days is talking. SHE is doing the doing.  😁



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The Kid is Charging Ahead

I didn’t even check in with The Weezer yesterday. When I did so last night she was at Lowes getting some supplies.  I stopped in this morning with my small can of anti-slip compound for the sole and she had already finished the third coat on the seats and sides.  She added a bit more red to make the paint a tad darker. 




(Mixing the compound into some pink paint to add coats to the sole.)


Notice how I’m not doing anything?  😁


With on-line school this week (and possibly next) we’ll likely flip the hull soon so she can complete the painting. Maybe she’ll install the middle pieces (she left them bright finished) before flipping. 

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The Weezer has painted the inside to her satisfaction but the paint needs more time to harden.  As I write it’s -1 degrees and heading down for the night. There is some heat in the garage so we’ll see how things are in the morning.  We cut some boards for the building form that can be used to support the boat when we flip it, hopefully tomorrow morning. 

Just for fun, she placed the missing seat, trunk, and deck pieces to see what it will look like.  I think it is looking great. (Gunwales will be white, not taped blue 😄.)

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About all I’m doing these days is to walk across the street to look at what The Weezer’s been doing, and to take a picture of her progress. It’s 8:30 am, I finally dressed and ate some breakfast.  She already sanded the hull and nearly finished applying a second coat of primer.  Clearly the morning schedules of an active high school kid are different from a retired guy.  😁  This is where things are as I “interrupted” her morning work. 


Edit: 15 minutes later, The Weezer sent me this 🙂:


Now, having done all my morning “work”, I am going skiing. ⛷ 

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So, I’m in Chicago’s IKEA a few weeks ago with my wife and daughter when I walk by a bin with those big 99 cent shopping bags… in PINK. 


Yep, I think The Weezer needs to have a pink bag to hold her life jackets (for herself and friends 😁) along with some snacks and such when she heads out for an afternoon of sailing next summer. How could I resist?




So, some time today I will head over with it and check out her painting. It’s been a few days and I’m guessing she’s getting close to having the pink paint where she wants it (3 coats on top of 3 coats of primer.)  The next step will be adding a few white stripes and the brightwork for some contrast.  😁

Oh, and the magazine in the background… this morning I’m reading my first copy of Small Craft Advisory, featuring Steve’s Core Sound in the cover. 

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I am nearing the end of my YMCA swim season so I’ve been a little busy but I found time this weekend to work on my boat! I worked on the strips in the outside and then  flipped it over to start work on the inside of the boat! 101B9922-EDF8-4922-879E-7295E4363288.thumb.jpeg.a53cd6a4ceda390747154ada6e798cf2.jpegMy cousin who is very artistic is making a sticker that says The Ritalou for the back. And if you remember from one of my first post I wanted be brave in the white lines so she is making that for me as well! 
(My dad will be happy to hopefully get his garage space back!)

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I was gone all day today… this paint and tape work on the sides was entirely The Weezer’s doing. I only offered some thoughts before going downstate on how she might try setting things up to paint a white stripe — following the line of the gunwales rather than the waterline.  I had always thought she was looking for a bootstripe a little above the waterline… and only this week understood what she actually had in mind. I’m glad I caught up with The Weezer’s vision… always helpful when coaching.  

(Whew!) 😅

So, a couple more coats of white on the new side stripes and the tape can come off.  The bright finished pieces (bow deck, aft mid-seat top, trunk top) need to be installed and we can then assemble and install the rudder/tiller.  (Oh yeah, looking at the photo above, we need to also finish installing the five inspection/access ports.)  Still lots of snow around here but this boat is getting ready to launch. 😁  I’m quite proud of what this kid is accomplishing. 

And I sure have enjoyed four months of thinking about my two Core Sound sailboats still sitting in storage… I’m getting anxious to get them out for a full 2022 season of sailing and playing. 

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A couple months of swimming kept The Weezer busy. Today we had less than an hour to start the final steps. BUT, it’s the first time I’ve seen her white paint without the tape.  Cute.  We can’t get more done until next weekend… but we might be able then to mostly complete things.60060714-6AEF-4F0D-B3F4-39590E002E14.thumb.jpeg.5a9d21859fb0649a0d92b4807311fdaf.jpeg

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I just looked back to the beginning photos of The Weezer on this thread. Wow, she has grown a lot in the past year.  😂.  She is even driving around these days.

It’s always fun for me to notice how kids change and grow, and I think her boat-build is a significant part of her teen-age growing up years. 

From January 2021 (compared with the above photo):


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