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Building “Joe” — 15’ ski boat — Stiletto


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Things are about the same

The boat Joe has been at the marina shop for three months and not much has happened beyond mounting the motor. Parts have come in, but nothing else is installed. I suppose the question I got in September suggested this… “You aren’t planning to actually use it still this year, are you?”  No doubt, they have a huge amount of work in the shop with a deluge of fall winterizing work.  


I decided to just let it take the time needed. Yesterday, I stopped in to check on things since I wanted to move it downstate to a winter storage place where Norma T is, and they offered to keep it in the shop all winter. It’s a heated space, and they could then get to it when their work load was low.  Then, they could concentrate on getting things done nicely.  That was appealing to me. I did ask them to give me a call when they start (likely early 2022) because I have some ideas and concerns. I like this arrangement. Here it shall sit for the winter. 


Plus, yesterday, I bought a THIRD BOAT!!  I will pick it up late November and move it to the winter storage space I was going to rent for Joe.  Below is a picture of my acquisition, a Core Sound 17 Mark 3 named Avocet.  (Like, I really need a fleet of three boats. 😂)

Avocet seems VERY well built and I’m extremely happy about my purchase.  I was really not wanting to build any more boats… but I found myself recently starting to wonder whether I’d like to build a Core Sound 20 (open cockpit and self-righting, a model that B&B is developing.)  I didn’t really have interest in the cabin model, but this boat had popped up in the forum as being for sale.  I thought about it, created all kinds of “reasons” this would be a great addition… and I gave into temptation. 

So… all the boat (ready to sail-camp) and NONE of the mess of building it.  

Very pleased. 😁



This is a video of B&B’s capsize camp featuring this particular boat. 


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Stopped at my son’s house for a bit today. His 17 foot cedar strip canoe keeps taking more shape, albeit slowly with lots of distractions this year. (He is making a two-fish design in the bottom as he closes in the “football”.)  It’s gonna look interesting when done. 




And we got his 15 foot put into the rafters for the winter. It was a VERY close fit, but works. 

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Just to remind myself… this is last April.  Hopefully in this coming April both will be ready for usage.  Joe needs to have controls installed (the marina will do this in the next month or so) and then I need to finish the boat with the floor/seats installation and top decks  2F5A8D7E-5142-4CE6-B140-FA0F8CBF9C3F.thumb.jpeg.389e4d6a72f8b13e013ddbb7e4f2b2e0.jpeg



And to add to the boating fun this year, I also bought Avocet in November, putting it right into storage. 

Avocet meets Norma T in storage. 


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