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Castaway 70 degree November Morning

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Nice boat! But the Safety Committee must comment on your video. Glad to see you wearing a well-fitting PFD. I don't know where you're located, but by the look of the trees you're pretty far north. If so, water temperature is pretty low, despite the marvelous air temperature. There's an old (and accurate) saying in the kayaking community that you should dress for immersion. In other words, if you end up swimming in cold water with a cotton tee shirt you might not make it back. It's also been said that when the water is cold, your PFD is mainly useful for recovering the body. Please check out the information at http://www.coldwatersafety.org.

Fair winds, Andy

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Thank you Andy, and you are correct, up here in Wisconsin the water temperatures are falling. If I wasn't in my backyard on a body of water no deeper than my chest and under direct observation, I would have dressed differently. I have been "swimming" this time of year more than a few times, even been under the ice a couple of times. Up here we run our boats until you can walk on the water and you are correct Hypothermia is not something to be fooled with. Thank you for pointing that out.

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