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Free to a good home: Michalak Robote "Vorpal"


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I'm afraid that I have too many boats (bikes too, but that's another story) and need to reduce the fleet. Vorpal is an excellent pulling boat, light and easy to car top. Check out the description of the Robote design under 'Michalak" in the "plans" section of the Duckworks online store. She is built to Jim Michalak's plan with a few tweaks for aesthetics (breasthook, quarter knees, curvy thwarts) and for rowing comfort (removable seats with ergonometric shape).  Her side planks are fine, but the bottom planks need a coat of epoxy and fiberglass. I started to wood the bottom in preparation, but other activities and projects intervened. It would be a straightforward job and the boat would be good for many more years.


Vorpal is set up for solo rowing (center seat) or for a rower (forward seat) and a passenger (stern sheets). Two people can row all day by taking turns. And the "passenger" can steer with a paddle so that the rower never has to look over their shoulder. One year at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, my wife and I won the "mixed doubles" category of the rowing and paddling race, with my wife paddling and me rowing.


We are located in Bergen County NJ. 





vorpal wooded.jpg

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Sorry. Vorpal has left for a new home. There were additional posts on this thread documenting that but those posts seemed to have disappeared. I recommend that you go ahead a build a Robote. It will go together quickly and provide excellent rowing performance. I'll be happy to share whatever tips and photos that might help you with the build. Feel free to send me a private message.

Fair winds for 2021, Andy


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