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running ??

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I thank those who have replied to my queries directly and the many who have provided me with info through the posts without my having to ask.

One more -

when running before the wind it seems that all sails are let out but it is possible to have the jib extended on the opposite side to the main (gull winged ????)

my question is, what are the ifs and buts of this and where does a Weekender fit into the plan ??

The following attachment appealed to me, it may be old hat for some - and abit stretched but for what it is worth !


[attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

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Thanks Bill,

it broke a smile on my face.

I can almost picture it :shock:

I like running across guys like his father - who seem to make it their lifes work to defy conventional wisdom.

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I sailed on a C28 on Sunday. On our way back toward the marina we set up "wing-on-wing". We discussed setting the whisker pole but decided not to bother. My bride was at the helm and I tended the jib sheets. It took a little bit of tuning to keep the Genny out but it wasn't bad.

I don't know about speed difference but I know we passed another C28 that had his head sail on the same side as the main. He might have had a dirtier bottom or something, though.

Mostly, I think it looks neat. It looks neater when you're on a different boat, though. Besides it does a pretty good job of blocking almost all of your forward vision.

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