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Time to tool up


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In the new year I will start work on a Spindrift 11N. I'm wondering about adding to my tool collection, maybe via a wee request to Santa Claus when the time comes.


Presently I have the following:

- table saw (315mm, for rough ripping work only)

- pillar drill

- router (confession: I've never actually used it, and don't know where to start!)


Then my cordless stuff (all Makita 18v)

- drill

- impact driver

- 4" grinder

- oscillating multi-tool

- circular saw

- random orbital sander


For hand tools, I have an assortment of fairly low quality stuff, some of which is up for replacement, so suggestions welcome there.


At the moment I'm wondering about adding a decent hand plane, and perhaps a jigsaw. Open to suggestions :)

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Get a nice Stanley block plane and a nice Hock iron for it since the factory iron is pretty much worthless. Block plane will be useful for endless number of trim jobs. Plywood edges etc. Good for shaping stringers, gunnels etc. Since you have a router think about getting a couple of round over bits. 1/4 in and 3/8 in for starters. Finally, don't forget a box of drywall screws. Frankly , I don't know how people ever managed to build boats without those. Good luck PeterP

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Thanks both, I did figure that a plane would be necessary, will start looking around for a good one.


Just yesterday I did buy a wet and dry vac, but it's fairly small at 1000w. It will be used for the car and also I can use it on my yacht from either my small genny or from an inverter, when I upgrade my electrics. I'll see how powerful it is when it arrives, but maybe a bigger one would be better for workshop use.


I have two spaces available for the build. Firstly my shed which is totally unheated and drafty, not ideal for epoxy or painting, but good for setting up the table saw when ripping timber to size. And secondly a holiday cottage next door which will be empty for two or three months at the start of the year. Perfect temperature and humidity, but I need to limit the amount of mess I make. There are exposed overhead ceiling beams so perhaps I can build a sort of tent from plastic sheeting to contain my mess. Another fun little project!

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There are two Japanese tools that I cannot live without.  This pull saw has a blade for ripping on one side, and a blade for cross-cutting on the other.  It is fast, thin, and accurate.

The rasp is incredible.  It appears to be made up of a bunch of mangled hack saw blades, I dunno.  All I know is that it is a work horse.  Again, one side is coarse, one side fine.  



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I’ve got several Surforms.  This rasp is more aggressive than that.  

And I’m telling you the truth— that saw...  

I’m retired from an American automotive company.  I have a negative bias towards Japanese products.  But I love these two tools in spite of that bias.

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Another vote for the “pull type saw”. I can cut a bit of wood as fast and accurate as my miter saw.  The rasp is nice,  VERY aggressive, and I suggest a small block plane, I have a Fox brand and it has served me well.  I am blessed with a large air compressor so a pneumatic nailer with tiny plastic nails (Talon brand) as been a big help.  And I absolutely defy anyone to have enough clamps!  

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I agree with everything said in these posts. Only as for the vac I‘m ambivalent as it’s a nuisance for me. But dust is a nuisance too - and an unhealthy one. So you got to find some kind of balance between them.

I love especially my   vintage hand tools. 

As for planers, you certainly don’t need to copy my collection.....

 But apart from a good standard block plane, I strongly recommend the tiny pocket planer in the foreground. It’s not only cute but really very versatile. One of the things you often use, once you own them 


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