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Re: B&B Yacht Designs Forum Open!

Guest John Burritt

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Guest John Burritt

Hopefully you've looked at the kayaks, etc. on Graham's web site. Graham teaches a boatbuilding class at the local community college in which the most popular boat right now is the Diva in one form or another. The Birder is sort of a cross between a canoe and a kayak - beamier (I believe) than either. A very nice boat. A friend built one a couple of years ago. Came out nice.

No one has been talking about these boats on the B & B Forum. Post something there and I'm sure you'll get some responses.


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Guest capt jake

The B&B forum is rather new. So don't be dimayed!

I have scoured his website, many times over! I have several of Graham's desighns in the file (of want to build).

He is a great guy! :):)

OH, his wife Carla is great also (sorry Carla)!


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