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FreeB-12 - DAMFINO

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I just finished painting my first Skin-on-frame boat.  I used the FreeB-12 plans, as I wanted to have the larger coaming.  3-coats of Rustoleum professional on the bottom.  Two on the top.

I put Coast Guard stripes on the front in honor of my grandfather, Lt. Commander John S. MacCormack who served in the USCG in the '40s and '50s.  When he retired, he built ship models and took a position as curator of models at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.  The Museum has a boat shop, and a small modelers shop named after my grandfather.


I named the boat "Damfino" after a boat of the same name in a Buster Keaton film.  I'm hoping this boat fares better 🙂


Thanks Jeff for the great design.  I learned a lot and will put a post add a post on my experience on the other thread.


 I plan on building another SOF boat this fall so that I can go out on the lake with my wife.


John Price

Cary, NC




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Thanks Jeff!  

I made a little launch video that I shared with friends.  My wife also took it out, and loves it!

(I built this one for her, so mission accomplished)



I realized while paddling that it pulls a little to the left.  I have some ideas on how I can correct this on my next one, but suspect I'll have to live with it on this one.


Of course, whenever we build something new, we have all sorts of things we learned along the way.  For me, this usually because I wasn't paying attention to the details while reading and watching the videos.


I made some notes in the margins of Jeff's book for my next build, and will post some additional comments here for anyone who might be interested.



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On 10/5/2020 at 12:14 PM, JohnAsa said:

I realized while paddling that it pulls a little to the left. 


Site down the keel and I will bet there is a bend in keel or one of end plates. I made that mistake once.


If not, keep in mind that leaning the boat to one side will cause it go the opposite way. It is a great way to steer the boat and make minor course correction while paddling.  If it steers left, lean a bit left and it should start to go right.

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Nice boat! And in the video, you had it at hull speed with a full stern wave. I couldn't help notice, however, that your entrance and exit were a bit precarious. Attached video shows how to use your paddle as an outrigger (usually on the beach side) for less precariousness. Simply keep your weight slightly to the side where the paddle is extended.

Fair winds!


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Andy, that's Brilliant!  thank you so much.  Will try this next time.


Jeff, I think one of my end-plates is where the bend is.  I think having the squares on the end-plates would help avoid that situation.  Thanks for the advice on leaning.  I thought it was the opposite.  You will note the voice saying I had a bit of a list, and the pull was to the opposite side of the list.  I was sitting about 1-2 inches to the right of center.  I'll need to review to see if that makes a difference.

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1918811306_kayakstevecrop2.jpg.8217a9e3bd53f10d3dad66dd386851e0.jpgMy Oh my... I am getting old... Reminiscing of things past.. one is I built a Kudzu Curlew.  I had the book... mapped out the frames from the offsite table in in the book and built it.. One of my fondest builds and memories... I love every phase of the build... BUT,,, I could not use it... hurt my back to paddle it so bad I had to be lifted out of it...NOT the boats fault in any way.  I have a bad back... I do miss it,, I miss how easy and satisfying it was to build... I would do it again in a heartbeat if some family member wanted one.   


Great job on your kayak... great job..  I so bad wish one of my kids would say "dad, I want a kayak... would you build me one like the one you made many years ago? I'd respond sure,,, here is what you need to buy to get it done!! 


Pictured is the one I built and the old gentleman that bought it... 

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