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Spindrift 10 For Sale


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Hey guys I’m selling my spindrift 10. It has a brand new sail that’s in excellent condition. I never got around to build the missing parts sadly. It’s missing the boom, rudder and center board. Has the mast sail and rigging. I’m open to offers I’ve attached photos below. 

Would love to keep it honestly but don’t have the skill to build the parts. I also would be open to buying the parts if available. I am an active sailor and would love to get it sail able. Right now it’s basically just a John boat. 









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I have a number of spare parts that could be adapted. I'm confident I've got a rudder that would work, and probably a daggerboard. I've got a few booms, but I'm not sure what you need there. I'm located in Virginia, and it would work best if you're close enough to come by or bring the boat by.

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 Chick and I are south of Asheville.  If you truly would like to get her into sailing condition, either one of us (or both) would be happy to build your missing parts (for a small fee, of course).  It looks like a nice boat.  They are great-sailing boats.  Think about it.  

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In my obsession with smalll dinghies i have bought and sailed quite a few over the years and i can say with some objectiveness that no dinghy compares to the spindrift 12. The first time i sailed it was in light winds so it did not make  much of a impression but the second time was in strong heavy  winds and  this sailboat handled it with flying colors. The boat was always well balanced and never felt jerky or unpredictable like some dinghies i have sailed. I tend to sail with a single lug sail for ease of use but the  cat sail points higher and was not difficult to reef. The boat also rows quite well. This sailboat was by far the easiest boat to sail and i frequently taught many family members how to sail from this model. Usually i had them sailing with  some confidence within the hour. Also in heavy air you can have this boat heeling with the gunnels next to the water and the  boat will not capsize. I did notice under capsize that the boat would tend to turtle so i fixed that by placing a large laundry deterent plastic closed bottle at the  top of the mast to prevent turtling. Also i have difficulty righting the  boat so i tied a piece of rope around the  seats and use that as leverage to right the boat. Being 58 i even had difficulty climbing in so i made a crude but effective rope latter. I sold my sailboat because  i  wanted a larger boat to invite guests but now i regret that decision. If i find another one i wont let it go. Just my two cents.

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Their is a spindrift 10 sailboat that looks new on craigslist san diego, ca. The owner is only asking $1200. Even if was half the country away this location i would drive there to pickup this deal. Ive driven as far as florida to pickup a boat. Again let me reiterate you will be hard pressed to find a better dinghy sailboat and row boat. I was lucky enough to purchase a nestling spindrift 11 sailboat in ventura for almost three times this price without a trailer. I put in removable seats and cant say enough good things about this boat. I prefer to sit on the floor when sailing but the boat sails really well with side seats also.

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