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Short version, it was a miracle basically, only way it could been better was never had happened.


Long version. I had a tumor INSIDE the spinal canal. It was pressing on the spinal cord causing HORRIBLE nerve pain. Took them a while to find because it is an extremely rare condition but a spinal MRI found it. Odds are it has been there 30+ years because looking back we can see symptoms that came and went.


In the last 3 month it grew and started to cause serious issues. I could barely walk most days and the just going the bathroom was an ordeal. It has much worse risks and there was simply no option but remove it. 


Monday they opened up my spine and went up the spinal canal. What they found amazed everyone. There were concerned about the tumor growing around nerves in the spine and how much they could remove and what they had to leave. The doctor never said much but I could tell he was concerned about what he would find.


Praise God what they found was the tumor was just laying in the canal. It only had one attachment point and not to any nerve in the cord. Then there was  a single blood vessel feeding the tumor.  So they just clipped those two points and he said pulled out what looked like a little hotdog.  Biopsy showed it was a totally benign tumor. No risk of cancer and as he said he removed the whole thing so I would be good as new.


Recovery is going to be several weeks. I am not allowed to drive or lift anything more than the TV remote (and coffee) for at least the next two weeks. Having been basically couch bound for so long it going to take a few weeks to get my strength and endurance back. Today I walked the Hospital hallway for about 200 feet and thought I had run a marathon when they got me to my room. 


But no reason I will not make a full recovery, just be patient with us. Annise will help with the store once I can sit behind the desk and do paper work but not setting any dates. Still just Praise God because this couldn't have been any better unless it has never happened. The surgeon and all the attending doctors are just amazed. This was the absolute best case it could have been!

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