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Lashing Snap hooks.

Steve W

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Is there a suggested "proper" way to lash the snap hooks to the sail clew. Every-time I look at mine I think of the old Boy Scout knot rule.........if you can;t tie a good one, tie a lot of them. I have also had my square knots loosen  that I tied in the chord supplied by B & B. Surely there's a trick to be learned.



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A lot of people use a Bowline.  I don’t lole it, because it is large, and the bitter end comes off at right angles.  I prefer the Poacher’s knot.  It is strong and compact.  



That’s what I use on double braid.  More often than not, these days, I’m making a Brummel splice in Amsteel.  That’s the slick way to go.



NOTE:  the top two photos belong at the bottom.  I can never seem to manage my photos in this forum!  

The first photo is a Poacher’s knot.


The second photo is a plain Buried Brummell.  

The third photo is also a Buried Brummell.  
Sorry, but besides having a snap hook in the loop, I also have a Ronstan Shock Block.  (These are awesome, by the way.). This was one of my snotter experiments.  The line is 5mm (I think) Amsteel.


The fourth photo are my lashing blocks.  When you said “lashing”, this is what my mind jumped to.  I use lashing blocks or Shock Blocks on my boats, except for the centerboard system.

The final photo is a Double Poacher’s knot.  I’ll stop now.


I hope that there’s something in here that you

might find of value.







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