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Re: Full length coamings

Guest Gordy Hill

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Guest Gordy Hill

Where were you guys when I decided to put full lenght coamings on my Core Sound 17?

I made my coamings with 3/8 inch plywood. I glued-up the forward curved portion from three sections of 1/8 inch ply. I used door skin to find the shape I needed because I wanted the coaming to lean slightly forward. The final design had the pieces showing a rather exagerated "swoop" shape to them to avoid a reverse lean on the forward section.

There's about four inches from the bottom of the coaming to the seat. If I were to do it again I'd make the coaming all the way down to the seat. Then I'd cut access to small compartments for sunglasses and other small items I'd like to have close at hand. Maybe one on each side would be long enough for a folded chart.

The first time I tried to sit up on the rail after installing the coamings (I sailed the boat for a couple of years without them) I understood what you guys seem to have known from the beginning. It hurt.

I plan to add a rather lovely teak step on the side deck just about where I usually sit. It should be 'bout high enough to eliminate the worst of the pain.

By the way, I needed the coaming for a place to attach the Bimini top-like tent that turns my boat into an overnighter. In that respect it works great. Also, the times I really need the coaming are the times I really should be sitting on the rail. I'll let you know how the "step" works.


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