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9 oz Polyester Success?


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Got first coat of paint with new 9oz polyester today. I used Kilz Original oil primmer thinned with about 1/3 paint thinner. The plan is to follow up with traditional rustoleum paint on second and third coat.


I know people have recently had trouble with the 9 oz, so I wanted to share my experience. I didn’t do a great job getting the skin super tight while sewing, especially around the coaming. I didn’t care enough to keep working it, and ironing it only helped a bit. I threw on the Kilz as I had extra primer laying around and figured it’d be a nice experiment as others reported problems with the rustoleum... if anything the skin is tighter now after painting. Being thinned primer, the paint was drying as fast as I could lay it on.


I will update if it slacks as I throw on the next two coats. 0D5633F0-E9A7-4724-A29D-5DE425865F87.thumb.jpeg.18fe9d3c89437165124b2fea1ece97dd.jpeg

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Not that I doubt all the problems!! But I never had it happen. 


I think that is because I sew the skin on tight. Drum tight and try to only use the heat shrink for the inevitable wrinkled you get when sewing.  I think people are shrinking the skin then it relaxes when the paint is applied.


BUT, it is just an assumption on my part.

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