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Anyone seen Tom lately?

Frank Hagan

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Frank, I am still ambulatory, sort of.   My email went kaput last Saturday and have not been able to get it working again.  It may be that the problem you bring up may be the culprit as I use the website as my email, but I'm stuck not knowing .  Will take the computer into New Bern this morning and have them fix that and another problem.  Please hang on to my address while I gt this fixed.  I don't remember getting a notice about this.  Either I'm getting dumber or computers are getting more malicious as this used to be easy to manage.

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Website's up for me. If you are on a PC, go to the website in your browser and hold down CTRL and press F5 several times. In Safari use CMD-ALT-E to clear the cache. 


The local ISP might be caching the DNS results too, so check with them if it doesn't start resolving by tomorrow morning. 

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