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Attaching Hollowback

Don Silsbe

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I am interested in adding a strip of hollowback to my Bay River Skiff, when I repaint her next year.  I have reservations about doing this.  I’m concerned that the attachment screw holes will provide an entry point for water.  How do I do this, without compromising my boat’s integrity?

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26 minutes ago, Chick Ludwig said:

I lay a thick bead of sealant before attaching the strip. Then run the screws through that into the keel. I've not seen a problem with  water damage later doing it that way. If the strip and keel would be damaged enough to rip the screws loose, maybe water could get in.

The only thing I would is to do a dry install first. Drill all of the pilot holes and install screws, just snug and make sure it all lines up properly.  Then remove and follow Chick's instruction.  I always like to over bed by smearing both the hardware and the bedding surface, and then clean up the squeeze out after.  It assures you filled all of the voids

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