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B and B Yacht's "Outerbanks 20" early stage, needs a loving home

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Our dream of building a boat was cut short by the realization that we do not have the required time, and now the complete CNC cutout kit needs a home to bring this beautiful design to fruition!  We have been amazed at how well the plans are organized and how easy to follow, however time has been the main culprit of its slow progress (and the mother in law wants it out of the garage!).   The jig is built, with hull placed, needs the chine battens attached and then will be ready to plank.   We are in Summerfield, NC and would love give a great deal to someone who is interested completing this project!  Our investment included the full CNC cutout kit and plans, fiberglass and resin.  




The Outer Banks 20: A Maine lobster boat inspired weekend cruiser.

Designed by Graham Byrnes, B&B Yacht Designs


Back in 2007, Chick Ludwig, a boat builder and friend who has commissioned and built many of my designs over the years came to me with a new project. He wanted a weekend power boat for his own use, to replace the Princess 22 he had been using. He wanted to get a little further afield and maximize his trips without stressing out about making it back to the dock during his limited time off. Having had a bout with melanoma, sun protection was of the utmost and non-negotiable importance with the design. The other major concern was economy.

        As we sat and sketched and he fleshed out his needs and vision, I realized that I had already started designing a boat exactly like the one he was describing some years earlier and just never finished it. I pulled up the design on the computer screen so he could get an idea of what the boat would look like. He said “That’s it. That’s what I want.” I completed and drew up the plans over the next few weeks and the Outer Banks 20 was born.

        Despite her looks, the OB-20 has a full planing hull which satisfies the desire for modern performance in an aesthetically traditional package. A modest twelve degrees of deadrise is a compromise between seaworthiness and economy. Traditional lobster boats have a severely “warped” bottom which is not a great shape for planing. The Outer Banks has a monohedron “delta conic” bottom shape making her easily driven and allowing her to jump up on plane quickly without excessive pulling through the “hump.”

        The cabin and partially enclosed pilot house provide ample space for a bench seat and galley box. A bench seat across the stern of the cockpit provides additional seating space. Down below features two large bunks with 36” of sitting headroom and stowage underneath. A lift up bunk filler disguises a space for a porta potti.

The Outer Banks is built of marine plywood over a jig, most of the jig is a permanent part of the structure. With our full size Mylar templates there is no lofting required.  The lines for the separate parts are color coded. The bottom is laid on in a single developed panel which saves building time and reduces complexity. Built in chine flats or reverse chine, make the boat drier and add to the performance.

        The flared topsides make for a nice dry boat with elegant looks. The sides are planked in two layers using the Ashcroft method and while this adds a bit of complexity in the construction, the cosmetic and performance results make it worth the extra trouble.

Our unique method of construction incorporates the chine flats as integral hull parts, rather than simple “spray rails” which are more typically added after the fact.  The hull is sheathed in 10oz fiberglass and epoxy.  The result of this composite construction is a light, strong boat that does not require undue maintenance. She is light, but not delicate.


Outer Banks 20 Specifications:

LOA:           6.1 m [20’-0”]

LWL:           5.62 m [18’-5”]

Beam:         2.16 m [7’-1”]

Draft:          23 cm [9”] @ DWL

Disp:           1157 kg [2550lbs] in salt water @ DWL

PPI:             440lbs [200kg]  

Deadrise:   12° at transom

Deadrise:   26° at 25% WL

Power:             25 – 60hp


        Chick built hull number one in 2008 and christened her, “Princess”. She was a joy to cruise in and Chick enjoyed her for many years until he moved away from the coast. He decided to build a Core Sound 20 Mk3 for sailing mountain lakes and traded me the OB-20 for a new kit. Like Chick, I have had melanoma and have to be extremely careful about sun exposure.  Although we have multiple boats, the OB-20 is my go to boat for a

Weekend cruise or just a leisurely run out in the Neuse River. The simplicity, comfort, performance and economy of use make it a delight.

        The Outer Banks 20 has captured the hearts of people all over the world. She has been built in the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil. Folks who live in the Northern climes have found the cuddy cabin to be comfortable and dry while the protected helm area extends their boating season. Those in the tropical locations are equally happy with the ability to hide from the sun.

        One builder reported that with four people, coolers fishing gear, etc., the boat jumped right up on a plane in a matter of seconds and cruised easily and smoothly at 25 mph at 4800rpm with a 60 horse E-Tech. He did not report his top end speed as he was still breaking in a new motor.

Every hand built boat comes out a bit different but here are some of the performance reports we have had from some of our other builders.


30 HP Suzuki

4000 rpm

10.5 mph

4400 rpm

13.0 mph

5200 rpm

17.5 mph

5600 rpm

19.9 mph

Full open

20.6 mph


60 HP Etech

4800 rpm

25 mph

This was the only rpm/speed reported for this boat


Subsequent to releasing the OB20 and in response to her immediate popularity, my partner Alan and I went back and designed a 24’ version and we have just completed preliminary design work for an OB-26, which is being prototyped now. The Outer Banks 20 is available as a kit in the US. For more detailed information about the Outer Banks 20, 24 and 26 models and how to order plans, please go to our website:  www.bandbyachtdesigns.com, or our Facebook page. There you will also find a link to our builder’s forum messing-about.com/bandb and builders’ blogs about building the Outer Banks and other B&B designs.



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