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Native Longshot Launch

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I had a BLAST making my Longshot.  I tried to replicate the native seal skin and stitching of the Greenland style of kayak.  The longshot rides so smooth I love the design.  It was a fun winter project.  I started after Christmas and slowly made my way through the project.  I expected some leaking but it held tight, not a drop. I paddled for an hour with a big smile on my face.  Thank you forum and Jeff for a FUN project that I'm super proud of







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Very cool boat! So you need to share with us 1) How you did the faux stitching and shading, 2) how you constructed the coaming and thigh braces, and 3) do the thigh braces work well? They look to be a bit high. By contrast, I tuck my knees under and to the outside of the coaming. In the photo below, you can see the dirty knee print.


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Thanks!  I taped off sections of the kayak and sponge painted almond and brown Rustoleum.  The stitches are black sharpie.  I saw on one of Kudzu's pages how the coaming could be cut with thigh braces.  I sat on the floor, put the paper template around me, and sized it right up.  It really works well with the thigh braces.  Love how you've worn spots on your kayak.  The thigh braces are a bit high, but they do work.  Happy paddling!

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