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Sewing thread opinions


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I am nearing the point where I will start sew in on the polyester covering on my longshot.  I was wondering what the opinions were on the choice of thread.  I have a large supply of artificial sinew, and thank you to whomever recommended purchasing two rolls for us rookies. I also read that braided fishing line is good to use.  I was wondering the thoughts of the group.  Thanks


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I used this for all of mine:




...but it's out of stock...


I can't think of any good reason braided line wouldn't work for sewing, but I would want to make sure it's something that will melt with heat after you tie off and snip the tag ends to discourage the knots from slipping loose over time.



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I have a large spool of some sort of braided line that I have used for all my client boats. I like it best because it is strong enough I don't have to double it up to pull the skin really tight.  I have looked for a supplier for something similar for a long time and have given up.  Just can't find anything in small spools I can sell.


But, the line I sell doubled up works.  Sinew will work.  Braided fishing line works.  Nothing magic there, I just don't use nylon based because of the stretch.

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