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Chick Ludwig

Chick's Tango skiff 12 build

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Here we go again, y'all. I just gotta keep building some dang boat! The reports will be kinda sporatic. I just ain't gonna go out in the "garop" on cold days. i hope this boat will meet our needs for a boat to carry with us when we go camping. The last plan was for the B&B design motor canoe. We found it to just be too tender for us old folks out on the big lakes with the big stink-potters cruising by on half plane and throwing up big "rollers". It will be for sale if any of y'all are interested. If it weren't for the need to use it on the big lakes, we would be very pleased with it.


Here’s my report on building my Tango Skiff 12. I’ll stray from the plans a bit to make the boat a “take apart” boat to allow me to stack the two sections in the back of my truck so I can still pull our camper. I’ll also use thinner plywood for the hull construction to save some weight. The bottom is 6mm okoume 1088 marine ply. The sides are 4mm. There will be some stringers added to the bottom to stiffen it. And also, I’ll join the panels with butt joints rather than scarphing the plywood. To top it all off, the ply I’m using is actually 8”-2” long, so I’ll utilize the longer pieces to make the hull a bit longer. There will be some minor changes in the interior layout, too.


So far I’ll cut my hull panels and laminated the transom. Today I have the basic hull wired together. Obviously, the outline of the bottom panels where they join the sides had to be modified to account for the added length. A minor change. The hull is out of shape until the bulkheads are installed.

Here is the website for the design. http://www.tangoskiff.com/


First picture is of the panels butt joined with glass tape on both sides. Laying out curve where the bottom will join the sides. DSCN4597.thumb.JPG.0b525c7c2db3910409ec0d0dff6b843e.JPG


Second picture is with the panels wired together with baling wire. I like it because it can be twisted to tighten the joint. I made a slight miscalculation on the length of the side panels so the  afterplanes will need to be cut back a bit. The transom is moved forward the same amount.
























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Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #2
All that has gotten done so far on my Tango 12 was to get the hull sprung into shape with the forward bulkhead and a “stick” to push the sheer out to the proper beam. The seams are all “tack welded” with epoxy fillets. Next step is to remove the wires, fillet the gaps, and apply glass tape.

Since taking these pictures, the wires have been removed, seams finished filleting, and all seams taped. Now to wait for warm enough days to do the next steps. Isn't summer EVER gonna get here?!

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Time to catch up with y'all.

Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #5

The center take apart bulkhead has been installed. The after planes are finished, ready for glassing. I’ll finish most of the glass taping at one time. Framing has been added around the aft seat/stowage boxes to attach the seat top to. I still have to glass tape the boxes in place. There is another little bulkhead forward that will have pour foam ahead of it. The bow platform is cut and set in place temporarily. We’re getting close to flipping the boat over to glass the bottom.







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Tango Skiff 12 Build log notes. #6

The first picture is foam poured all the way up front. This, along with the wooden construction will keep the bow afloat. Next is the stern seat top set in place. It will be removed to pour foam in the cavities in the after plane. Finally, the bow deck is glassed in.




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Hi Chick, 

I'm so glad, that youre posting again some build. Really looking forward for the next steps and the finished boat. I missed your reports lately.....

Go ahead!


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