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Mess About 12' dimensions details (and other questions)


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So I am building the Mess About 12', from the purchased plans from the store. I'm running into trouble concerning the general multi-boat nature of the book and some details missing from the paper plans. Specifically, I'm confused about the coaming stringers and the central deck beam, located in front of the coaming. The plans only say that when cutting stringers, leave some extra stock because you'll need some shorter lengths. But nowhere does it say what those shorter lengths are! If anyone has built this boat and can let me know the dimensions they used, that would be wonderful! It also mentions secondary stringers, and it's unclear where/if that applies to this boat. 


Also, if you have pictures of the finished frame, that would be a world of help! I'm also open to any tricks you may have found concerning this particular build, especially ones that speed up the process as unfortunately I have about a week and a half to try to build this (the life of a design student am I right?). The frames and brackets are already cut out, and I've got a board for the stringers that just needs a few quick rip cuts once I'm able to get back into the shop on Monday the 2nd. I don't have a strongback though, and am hoping I can commandeer a pair of wooden sawhorses to affix it to quickly.


I'm particularly nervous about the coaming, as this gave me quite a bit of trouble with the cape falcon f1 boat I built earlier this semester. I have CNC access and scanned and traced the plans in Illustrator to cut the frames and brackets, so if anyone thinks CNCing the coaming could work and has advice concerning dimensions that would be wonderful! I still have about half a sheet of 3/4" (I know the plans said 1/2" but this is all I was able to find) marine grade plywood left, so I have some material to work with. Also if it's a licensing issue, I can delete the digital files (and provide proof) once the build is finished!


Also, to keep all my questions in one thread, I'm planning on skinning this boat in clear vinyl to show off the lovely frame. I know it isn't nearly as sturdy as the ballistic nylon or other skins with a weave, but it's relatively cheap and easily replaceable, and will be a fun experiment. If anyone has advice as to what type of vinyl would be best suitable, or any other advice, I'm open and appreciative!


Sorry this got a bit rambly, basically I'm reaching out about:

1) central deck beam and coaming stringers dimensions

1.5) OR central deck beam dimensions and coaming dimensions with regards to creating in illustrator for a 2D CNC cut 

2) a picture of what the finished frame of this boat looks like pre-skinning

3) tips or tricks from your experience with this build, especially ones that speed up the process

4) advice concerning skinning the boat with clear vinyl!


Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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I have not built one of these so can't help a lot but there is a photo of a frame on the Kudzu website at this web address: http://www.kudzucraft.com/web/boat-designs/mess-about


Also, with regard to the stringer length, I seem to recall that the stringers should be cut a little bit oversize initially and then trimmed when attaching them. Presumably this is because they join the bow and stern assemblies at a shallow angle so even a small variation in the size / position of frames can make a difference to stringer length. It was a while back that I built my Curlew but I think I attached the stringers at the stern first then worked along toward the bow. They would have been held in place with temporary fixings on the forward few frames for final sizing so they could be marked and then released for cutting.


As for the clear vinyl, does this shrink? It would be very difficult to get a smooth skin without shrinking after sewing. 


Anyway I hope it all works out and look forward to seeing a photo of it finished. The clear skin would look cool.

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