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painting aluminum masts

Randy Jones

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Thanks!  This has always been the mysterious part of the build.  My Rustoleum is doing OK, but I have noticed some chipping here and there.  It is very bad where the mast bears down on the seat or deck.  I thought there had to be another way.

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Randy, sorry to hear about your C19 exposure.  Hope your doing good.

Glad your taking good care of the Belhaven.


I'm going to be painting my mast for my Spindrift this winter and going to try something a different than the way I did the Belhaven masts. On the Belhaven I sanded them with 220, wiped them down with mineral spirits followed with primer all within an hour. I drilled the holes for the track months after it was painted. ( one part paint and primer) If I remember correctly the paint chipped on some of the holes that we drilled which gives corrosion a head start.


On this mast I'm going to dry fit the track getting all the holes pre drilled before painting. We will then sand with 220 wipe down with aluminum etch ( got from Jamestown ) then prime with epoxy primer, then comes the two part white paint. I already have the primer, paint for the boat already so there is no added cost and the etch from another project.  

Only time will tell:huh:.




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Thanks Scott.  I dodged Covid and my quarantine ends tomorrow so all is well.  I haven't noticed any corrosion on the Belhaven mast.  I did need to refasten some of the track a few years ago but the paint has held up well for 14 years.  I think you'll like the aluminum etching primer.   

Still love your Belhaven.  


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