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Joe Anderson

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Just finished a 225 nm trip from Point Judith Rhode Island to Nantucket by way of the Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard.  Been thinking about this trip for awhile and decided to go for it. Longest solo trip in my EC 22 Skorpa, six days 225 miles. Beautiful area with strong, complex currents, and numerous shoals. Video is from last day heading down Vineyard Sound.  I was sailing on a reach with 15-18 knots winds. I was running between 8 and 9 knots when the video was taken went to 11 knots shortly after that. It does not get much better. Thanks Graham for designing such a beautiful boat and inspiring me to build it and sail it. The photos are the marsh at Cape Poge Bay, Chappaquiddick Island, Brandt Point Light Nantucket, Skorpa along the beach at Brandt Point, and Sunset over Woods Hole.





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I will try to keep you in mind when I revisit the area. I was very close to Falmouth on Friday evening.  I was tired and making slow progress against a foul tide. I could see some harbors along the coast near Falmouth but I was unfamilar with them and so I decided to press on to Tarpaulin Cove on Naushon Island. I am familiar with that anchorage and it is easy to access for us without motors.


I would often hear what sounds like an old fashion train whistle coming from the vicinity of Woods Hole. Do you know what is the source of that whistle?

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Unsure what the train whistle is, other than ferries leaving port, or sounding their horns prior to going astern.  We could clearly hear West Chop horn at our house in the morning during the foggy portion of the weekend.  


With a Core Sounds ability to drop the spars, you could sneak up the channel at Green Pond and anchor very peacefully for the night, and come over for a beverage, or two.  If you need safe harbor in Falmouth due to that tide (just getting used to it myself), I recommend Green Pond (south of the bridge) - the dinghy landing is on the Northwest corner, and makes a good spot to beach, and wade ashore for a quick respite.  Plenty of open moorings as well.  


Waquoit Bay is simply beautiful, and no bridges, but shallow.  Once again, no problem for the CS series boats.  I most frequently trailer to Waquoit, anchor off the beaches and scratch for shellfish.  


Do not attempt Great Pond, as the bridge is too low, and no basin to work in or beach to lower the spars.  Bournes Pond looks inviting, but only the smallest of vessels can get under the bridge at low tide, with everyone wearing hard hats.  I reside right between Great and Green Ponds so know these ponds well.  


There is a yacht club at the western entrance to Eel Rive west of Waquoit.  and another yacht club further up the bay.  HOpe that helps.  

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Thank you for the detailed information about the bays at Falmouth. I don't know when I will be back. I doubt it will be this season but we'll see. I would like to add Waquoit Bay to the my list of familiar anchorages.


I found some information on the steam whistles. The ferries running to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard have had steam whistles added to them. Here is a link to a NPR story that includes some sound tracks of the whistles.


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