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Graham sets off on OBX 130 2019

Alan Stewart

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Graham has set off from the shop today aboard Carlita his Core Sound 17 Mark 3 bound for the start of the 2019 OBX 130 event which leaves from Cedar Creek Campground on Sunday. You can follow his progress using his spot tracker link


He is currently headed East out of the Bay River into the Neuse with a SE wind building tonight. Looks like he just turned off the motor.  He planned to cross the Neuse this evening we will see how he gets on. 


Here is a video of him leaving the shop today. Uploading now. give it a few minutes. 4:45pm 8/2/2019


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Graham completed 26.8 miles yesterday and anchored in the mouth of Turnagain bay. He departed at 2:40 and stopped around 9pm for an average speed of 4.2mph or 3.6 knots. It looked like he motored out of the Bay River and then shut off the motor upon entering the Neuse. Not sure if he motored across the Neuse or was able to sail but the more sporadic spacing between track points indicates that he was under sail the whole time.  

Day 1 Friday 26.8 miles.JPG

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He is actually headed to Cedar "creek" campground for the start of the event as opposed to the old Driftwood location on Cedar "island". A small but important distinction! The group is meeting up there today and leaving as scheduled tomorrow (sunday) for the day 1 leg of the trip which will have them camping at Lookout. 


Here is the OBX 130 route file from their facebook group  OBX130 2019.kmz  you can download this and upload it into google earth to see the routes. 

Here are Graham's spot tracks from yesterday if you want to get the track shown below on your own google earth window. spot_messages.gpx



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Thanks,  So he plans to go thru Salter's Creek or the Thorofare?  I was down in Salter's Creek in the fall. And it had trees down across the channel. Hopefully they are now cleared. Maybe we will get down in the sound and check out some of the race participants while they are underway.

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Graham made it to the start of the event yesterday with another 16 nautical miles via Turnagain bag, old canal, Stump Bay, Golden Creek, Nelson Bay and around into the Cedar Creek Campground.  Looks like they have just shoved off this morning at about 8am headed for Cape Lookout. They are enjoying a north wind so should have an easy starboard reach down Core Sound. Wind shifting east then south later this evening but they should make it to Lookout in just a few hours. About 18nm away. 




Here is a picture posted on the OBX 130 FB group by Shawn Payment AKA Lawless, another watertriber!


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Graham sailed down Core Sound Sunday with the group. In total Graham said there were 7 boats. I think he said he was the last to leave the campground. He had a good spinnaker run down the sound. "A perfect day" he said. He was second into the bight he said. Upwind the last little bit. Here are some pictures for those without facebook. 











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Just talked to Graham. He is hunkered down in West Thoroughfare bay at the moment. He threw out the anchor when the skys started to darken. There are some severe thunderstorm warnings moving over his area and a special marine warning in effect for the upper Neuse area and oriental with hail and 50 knot gusts a possibility. 326084440_headedbackradarshot.thumb.JPG.586518985c8183d52b7115123944996c.JPG

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