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rigging interferes with outboard


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In general, I like to keep the outboard motor off the boat and just sail without it.  There are times, however, where I think it is a good thing to have on board.  When I do have it attached to the mount, the head of the motor interferes with the rigging of the mizzen.  So with every tack, I have to lift the mizzen sheets off and over the outboard.  See the attached photo.  Would there be any problem with me moving the sheet's attachment to the mizzen sprit forward (maybe 8 inches)?  Right now it is about 2 or 3 inches from the stern end of the sprit. I also have wondered about moving the the two pulleys on the stern forward --the ones that anchor the mizzen sheet and sprit to the boat. 


Would such a modification do any harm?  I think the change would prevent the constant fouling with the outboard motor.  Interested in the advice of those on the forum.   As always, thanks for your help.


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I have the same problem, and  I’ll bet it is widespread.  One solution is to add a boomkin like Graham did on Carlita.  I’m not quite to that point.  I’ve been sailing with my mizzen blocks on 8” tethers, as shown in the photo (please zoom in).  It is not enough— the mizzen sheet still gets fouled on the ‘Zuki.  The next step would be to move the sheet attachment off the clew of the sail, and forward 10-12” on the sprit.  I don’t want to do this, because it loads the tip of the sprit in a way it wasn’t designed to be loaded.  I would expect to have the tip shear off in a blow.  That would not be fun.


 I’m not sure where to head with the problem next.  But I wanted you to know that you’re not alone.  Maybe as a troubleshooting team we can figure something out.


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Same problem.  I'm going to move the attachment point for the sheet forward on the sprit.  I hear you about shearing off the tip, but I think (hope) it's up to it.  The good thing about the sprit is that it flexes, not like a stiff boom.  I'll report.

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   The sprit-boom as-designed is loaded only in compression.  Moving the sheet forward of the clew is going to introduce a lot of bending load when you're sailing close to the wind and sheeted in hard.

   In Southbound's original configuration the sheet fouled the Honda frequently but I just got used to flicking it free. Alan added a well so the motor is carried lower on the transom and he probably has an opinion on its effectiveness. You could probably try a Carlita-style boomkin by clamping/lashing a 2x4 in place temporarily before committing to real modifications.

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Yes, I've been flicking, and can continue to do so.  It's a long reach back, tho.


I guess in terms of a  mockup, I can try lashing a sheet attachment forward and see how it looks before taking the plunge permanently. .  There was also someone who rigged a ring on elastic to pull the sheet slack forward out of harm's way, but I don't think that would work so well close hauled.  Could try, I guess.




I have been close hauled when reefed and have not noticed any bowing or other stress.  While in opposite directions, I think I'd say the strength of the forces are the same as they would be unreefed when moving the sheet in while leaving the sail clew outboard.  In the reefed  configuration, all seems very strong.  So I'm not too concerned.  And when reefed, the new, inboard sheet attachment would actually be very close to the reefed clew attachment, so stronger still. 


Thoughts from Alan or Graham?


I really am not interested in a boomkin or well, not at this point.  That's too much reworking on a boat I'm very happy with.

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 I think it was Paul Jost who came up with the idea of using a ring on the mizzen sprit to change the angle of the sheets and get them above the motor. I use this on Petunia and it works very well. Duckworks has nice bronze rings too....


If you scroll down to changes he shows the ring...

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I thought the ring was my original idea!  LOL. I wanted to play with it first, though, before mentioning it.  That’ll wait until later next month, because I’m off on other adventures at the moment.  But my thought was not to use shock cord or any sort of elastic in the system.  I was hoping that the weight of the ring and locating the other end of the ring tether would provide a good solution.  Let’s compare notes at the Messabout!

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