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Mathew Flinders 246


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Just about time to update my build photos of the Flinders project.  I’ll be putting it on the trailer this week, then completing the masts.  The big solar panel on the cabin powers the Torqeedo, there will be 2 on the stern rails to power the cabin house load.  Someday I’ll take photos with all the clutter picked up…..no, that is my version of picked up!





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The hull is nearly completed, just some fiddly stuff to complete, another coat of varnish in the cabin, and touch up some paint.  Masts are nearing completion. A few minor trailer things to resolve.  Then on to a travelift so we can complete the Coppercoat and see the centerboard go up an down! 


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And the name shall be “KALOS”. 

In the New Testament, Greek lexicon 


beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable 

  1. beautiful to look at, shapely, magnificent 
  2. good, excellent in its nature and characteristics, and therefore well adapted to its ends 
    1. genuine, approved 
    2. precious

And who doesn’t think their boat is all that!  

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