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I have been designing the Mathew Flinders for myself for more than a decade off and on, long before we did the Mk3's. What I was trying to achieve was to design the ultimate small voyaging boat that c

Here is the current photos of the Mathew Flinders, we have been working intermittently for about 3 weeks,  all the bulkheads are fileted and taped into place, the head bulkheads are just sitting in pl

Completed toe and rub rails today!  Laying out water line soon, then on to primer.  I have a lot of the fiddley items “prefabricated “  and assuming they fit.......

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About time to give a brief update on the Flinders project.  It is back upright and the 1800 poundish lead keel shoe is attached.  The last few months I  have been a sanding dervish, not much exciting to see there, those who have built boats know, and if you haven’t not wanting to dissuade anyone of the glamor!  The interior and 71.2% of the wiring is completed or at least on the floor.  After multiple mind changes I settled on a Kildwick composting head.  But this was after installing all the required stuff for a traditional marine head.  I gained an extra anchor locker in the space from the holding tank. 

Attached is a picture of the “roll team”. You may recognize some of the actors!  So many thanks for their help. 







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Sure lookin' great. WOW---lots of sanding. I know how much you love that part of the job! And 72.1% of the wiring. You must spend more time record keeping than building. Glad ya got the lead attached. Didya mold it yourself? Maybe that was in a past post that this old foggy brain has forgotten. Anyway, thanks for the update. Keep 'em coming!

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The lead was cast at “The Mothership “ right after the 2019 Messabout. A perfect fit!  
The boat is “All Electric “ just like some of the home kitchen advertisements from the early ‘60’s.  The Torqeedo drive system battery was originally intended (by me only) to provide the house loads in addition to the drive system but the good folks at Torqeedo explained that wasn’t a good plan so it will have 2 independent electrical systems using 2 Battleborn batteries and the associated clutter. 

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I just got home from a visit to Mississippi to see Mathew Flinders 246. Thank you Jay and Carol for giving me an opportunity to see your boat. I was glad I could help with the turn. Lifting from the U bolts set at the balance points of the boat worked like a charm.  Amazing how we could turn the boat and keep it under control. So inspiring to see your progress. Thank you for your gracious accommodations, sweet potato tort, homemade pizza, risotto, blueberry cobbler made with homegrown blueberries.


Thanks as well for the chance to demo your sailrite sewing machine and the tour around town in your Ural sidecar. I sure wish I had gotten a photo!

















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The photo does not have a lot of contrast, but it is amazing how much the rub rail and toe rail have narrowed down the hull.  That sheer strake looks about right. By the time you put your color scheme on Flinders I think we will have a real beauty on our hands both inside and out. 

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