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Mathew Flinders 246


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Thanks for looking into the Centerboard for me. It sounds like you are sticking with the MF 234. That was my plan, but Jay told me that I could use his building jig for the MF 246. He also said he thought the extra space makes the cabin more usable.  However in the photo Jay posted of him standing inside the partially built boat there is gobs of room over his head and it looks like Carol could do jumping jacks. I do not need that much headroom. 


Option 1 stick with the MF234

Option 2 Build the roomier MF246 but lower the cabin trunk or sides of the hull several inches.  I do not know how much work is involved in modifying the design or what would happen to other design criteria if the cabin of the 246 was lowered.


Can you give me a little information that would help me choose?



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You can go either way. We are going to do the 234. If you go with Jay's jigs we can work with any adjustments you might need. I think that the headroom is not as mach as that picture suggests as Carol was off to the port side and the camera was off to starboard and lower than that center line beam. It would be easy to lower the cabin by a couple of inches once you can get a better feel for it. 

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About time to update the Mather Flinders build.  It has been an easy build so far,  a lot of the build is done from the floor, not climbing in and out of the boat.  The kit is incredibly accurate, I have used a block plane to fit a few panels but generally it all fits perfectly.  The interior panels all have their first 2 coats of epoxy, and I have a date with my sanders after this year’s Messabout for another coat rolled on.  Most of the cleats, carlins, and inwales are either installed or are ready to install.  All the “horizontal “ surfaces are laying in place but not glued yet.  All the plumbing is roughed in and conduit is dry fit for wiring stuff.  Picking up a bunch if stuff at this year’s Messabout but there is enough stuff installed to get a feel of the cabin size, and it is “just right”.   Just realized some of the photos are several weeks of “progress “ back,  hope to be at the 2020 Messabout! 





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Well, another Messabout is in the books,  so many heartfelt thanks to Joe an Sally, Graham, Allen, Nate and everyone that got in on “THE BIG POUR”.  Heading home tomorrow with a perfectly poured lead keel for Matt, plus a full trailer of next build items.   Everyone here knows it but B&B go way beyond!!


now, back home and my regularly scheduled sanding. 


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Thanks Don, it was so “Restrained” it was only going where we wanted it to!  A neighbor has cattle and a big JD tractor with a round bale spike on a front end loader, unloading will be easier but for the next few days it is resting comfortably in the trailer.  

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Ya know building a boat, sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious.  When I started building Matt, I had a small container of sheetrock screws,  needed more,  I bought more......if ya do this, be certain, no very certain you buy screws with the same head pattern.  Dragging my feet, the deck panels are prepared, the carlins and inwales are ready to accept the deck.   This next week I am building drawer boxes and other fiddly stuff waiting on the ah ha moment when I realize what ever won’t fit now with the cabin top or deck installed!


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If anyone wants to build a Mathew Flinders, I have an extra starboard hatch ring.......  The port cockpit seat is the only hatch we will have in the cockpit,  and it is tapered more narrow in the stern.  I set up last night to build the hatch and ring, taking care to get them correct, the only thing I can imagine  is a neighbor slipped in and swapped them!   Oh well, not the first project to have too many parts for one side and not enough for the other side!  



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