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Hi Amos, We have reserved a slip in a marina on Lake Katherine,  after last year’s hurricanes it’s the only travelift in operation in our area.  It’s is a 2 hour drive from home but is near our favorite cruising areas along the gulf coast.   Several family events going on for a few weeks, then getting serious! 

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I had to Google where Lake Catherine is and I need to download some more detailed charts of the area. Looks like an intriguing area to explore. Going out to Cat Island?  Someday I would love to sail with you down there. We have fond memories of our cruise to Portsmouth with Southern Express and Carlita. 

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Kalos is certainly looking it’s name:

The adjective καλός means beautiful and encompasses meanings equivalent to English "good", "noble", and "handsome". The form given by convention is the masculine, but it was equally used of women (the feminine form is καλή) and could also describe animals or inanimate objects.


Even more with its sails catching air. 

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Great Messabout, we sure had a good time, good to sea everyone!  Thanks to everyone that shared photos with Carol an myself.  Kalos had a meeting with Alan an Graham,  few rather minor mods to be done, adding a bit to the leading edge of the rudder, increasing the pivot angle of the windvane, and added 15 lbs of lead to the tip of the centerboard.  The centerboard didn’t want to extend when sailing, hopefully this bit of weight will encourage it to drop more positively.  



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