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Nz ob20 #54


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A few progress photos from convid lockdown here in nz before i ran out of epoxy. Slowy getting back some normality. Pleased to have the underfloor glassing and seal coats done. Decided on having a battery compartment underfloor basically right over the lcb to free up the aft storage and keep some weight out of the back aft end of the boat. I Have a draining flush hatch comming to make for that and Waiting on a  alloy fuel tank before i glue the cockpit sole down. Deck framing is finished and just needs fairing to take the plywood.













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Your boat is looking very nice Casey; not your first rodeo, I suspect. 

I enjoyed and appreciate the photos.  Deck framing is the next step on my OB20 and your pictures are a big help to me.  I too, am considering placing the batteries forward of the fuel tank for what I think will provide the best trim.  I'm also thinking about a different type of cockpit seating from what is shown on the plans and interested to see what you do.  

Again, its fun viewing your work and studying your photos.


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Thanks Carter.  yes i have to admit ive been involved with boats and boat building from and early age. my dad was a shipwright and a man of the sea and naturally while growing up around that i wanted to follow in his foot steps. He comes to quality control quite often haha. Regarding the seating, im goin to stick with the design but make the port side as big as the space allows, it will be turned into a built in free draining insulated cooler/icebox to keep the beers cold while we troll for trout?. Your build is coming slong nicely also. Cheers. below is a photo of the boat im  working on In her final stages of a 1.5 year long full rebuild/restoration. 


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It is interesting that I am finishing up installing a fuel tank under the cockpit and moving the battery forward on the Original OB20 hull #1 that Chick built. The reason is because I bought an almost new Etech 50 that sat around for 10 years and have finally installed it. Remember that after this version the bottom was redesigned with more volume aft for bigger engines so that my need to get weight further forward is relevant to to just this boat.


The old fuel tank was about 15 gallons set on the port side back to the transom.  I cut a big hole in the cockpit and put in a FT35  35 gallon tank set against the pilot house bulkhead. I hate the idea of burying the fuel tank forever but I wanted the keep the cockpit watertight. I hope that I never get a wave into the cockpit but I want to be able to hose out the cockpit or what if debris clogged the cockpit drains and it rained a lot etc.. I installed the tank with the fuel gauge fuel pickup and filler forward and made a rabbeted kidney shape hatch rabbeted to take 6mm lexan cover which I will set in mastic that I can pry out to access the hardware, like replace the fuel gauge sender or clean out the tank. I do not have access to the tank vent as it is at the other end of the tank but I have the exact dimensions so that I could put in a 4" diameter lexan hatch if the need ever arises but I doubt that will happen. With the fuel pickup forward, the engine will quit if I am on plane before I use the last few gallons, this might not be a bad idea as I will have somewhere between 5 - 10 mile range at displacement speed to get me somewhere if I am stupid enough to run her out of gas.


I put the battery on the forward side of the bulkhead with a lift up step to give me instant access to the battery. As the battery (group 31) is heavy and the space is too tight to lift straight up, I put a sliding front that lifts up so that I have more room to work inside the compartment. The battery is held by a screw down base and the wood bar across the top locks the battery down and the screw through the starboard cleat holds the bar in place. The three way battery switch is over kill but it is one that I had.


I put her in the water yesterday and she trims out well.


battery box stepa.jpg

battery box 3a.jpg

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Hey Casey, 


Your boat is looking really sweet, as expected.  I like your battery compartment, along with everything else. 


How about that rebuild/restoration project (Lion) of yours?   I showed my wife the photo of it.  She gave me a dreamy-eyed look and said, "You're going to need a bigger boat".  Words of love, right?


Keep up the good work...I'll continue to drool.



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On 9/30/2021 at 4:25 PM, Murray said:

Your workmanship is both inspiring and intimidating - respect!


Avery pretty part of the world is Te Anau - very much enjoyed a regatta there with a bunch of mates in our Lasers - back in the 70's. 


Thanks Murry.. your build is coming alomg nicely also. And te anau was a shifty place to sail i found. plenty of lifts and knocks goin on. Inraced lasers representing Southland in the nationals for a few years. Fun boats fo sail!

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