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    • By heneksja
      So the manual says (revision 5.0) for the Firefly:
      Gunwales are 1-1/2" x 5/8"
      one set of chine stringers are 1" x 5/8"
      the rest of the stringers are 5/8" x 5/8"
      But the depth of the frame slots on the Firefly kits for the keel is more like 1".   Other stringers are more like 3/4" deep.  So should ignore what the manually says and make the keel stringers at 1" and the rest at 3/4"?   Is is generally true that stringers should be either flush or slightly proud of the frame pieces? 
      I was a little confused when Jeff Horton answered a question about the Firefly in the "oversize notches" thread with a statement about the Short Shot.  Are the stringer dimensions all the same on both models?   I asked similar questions in that thread, but there was no response.   It is an old thread, so maybe no one looks at old threads.  
    • By heneksja
      Any advice on stitching up the fabric for the Firefly?  If I do the double cord stitching with the premium polyester, I heard where you said that might be hard especially around the bifurcated bow.  So could I start with making kind of like a sock with the stitching on the inside and fit over the bow to start with and work from there.  Although I am not sure exactly where the "sock" would stop.  Seems like doing that double cord stitch would be hard when you are doing it over the bow and stern pieces anyway since it would get hard to tuck the ends in when there is no free area underneath for the fabric.  But with the bifurcated bow it would make it even harder.  Do you use a different technique  over the bow?  
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