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Core Sound 20 Mk3 #23 - Williamsburg, VA

Todd Stein

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Mark et all:

thank you one and all for the many excellent suggestions. I will first attempt to tie the mast to a tree outback with a series of hitches the get my neighbor who’s a power lifter and myself to pull on the sleeve. If unsuccessful I’ll switch to oil filter wrench and if that fails make a longitudinal cut to open her up enough. I’ll keep you posted with pictures this weekend. Todd out.

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That's how I've done my tiller tamers for years.

I use small diameter non stretch line attached under each inwale with a snap hook so I can remove it if I want to. It then loops through an eye bolt under the tiller and is controlled by shockcord attached to another snap hook. The tension is adjustable with the shockcord in a V cleat. 

The beauty of this system is that you can always override it as its just friction holding the tiller but you can set the resistance to match the conditions.

I first saw this in a book about cruising around England in the 1930's. They didn't have shockcord but used surgical rubber.


Peter HK

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This is my preferred clutch hands down. They are simple and very satisfying to use. The inventor Pete Crawford is a NC native. We plan to sell these in our store soon. Had one on Dawn Patrol and one on Southern Skimmer. The knots in the line in the pic below also act as end stops for rudder travel. 



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I've been making slow and steady progress with the boat.  Flipping the boat back over was significant mental milestone and helped motivate me to the next goal. I've completed fairing and priming most of the hull and topsides and plan to paint this week. There's beginning to be a lot of pollen so open garage doors is become limited. There's still a large number of smaller items to complete but I feel the I'm getting closer to test in water. The cabin hasn't been painted and I'm disappointed how overhead turned out so I'll probably leave it be until later. 



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