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Edge Joining the Plywood

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Can you edge join plywood together? I found a guy who has loads of baltic birch offcuts. Super cheap, ...but they are 1/4" thick, and only 12" wide. 20 cents a square foot.

So I'd have to double up the thickness which is no problem.

Would I be able to get a strong face joint if I run them through the jointer and glued? Or would I need to add pocket holes and biscuits? 

Or I could keep the plywood as 1/4", and cut 2 halves of each 1/4" piece with the cut going N-S, then do the same thing, but with the cut going E-W. Then when I glue everything together, it will have joins like brickwork. 

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The only way to join plywood together to make a larger sheet and keep the strength of the joint up to the ply without a joint is to scarf it together with at least an 8:1 ratio. Making 1/2" ply out of 2 layers when used the way we use plywood yields a strength barely better than one layer.  The brick pattern you speak of disappears when you cut out a frame.

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