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Frank Hagan

Server Change Coming

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Looks like I'll be changing servers yet again:


Date Time Description Duration

06.12.2003 14:22 Timeout 38 mins

06.10.2003 03:58 Timeout 15 mins

06.09.2003 16:15 HTTP Error 500 Can't connect to www.messing-about.com:80 (Timeout) 16 mins

06.08.2003 02:42 HTTP Error 500 Connection reset by peer 16 mins

I've been getting numerous errors this past 2 weeks. And messing-about.com is getting up past 50% of our bandwidth allottment. So its time to make a change.

The main reason for moving is more bandwidth, though. I'll be able to up the PersonalWeb accounts to a full gigabyte of transfer, and the HobbyWeb accounts to 2gb. In addition, I'll be able to add larger accounts ... up to 4GB of diskspace and a whopping 80GB of bandwidth for those who need that kind of presence on the 'net. messing-about.com itself only uses 4gb bandwidth and just under 200mb of disk usage ... seems incredible that MS Word takes up 40mb on your disk, but on a Unix server, all of messing-about.com ... including the forums which have never been purged AND the photo gallery ... take less than 200mb. One of the advantages of Unix over Windows, at least as a web server.

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The new server is in place, and we have our own monitoring page showing the server uptime at http://www.messing-about.com/hosting/news/

Here's the output this evening, showing the server we joined with 99.8% uptime over the last 3 months ....

Server Uptime Monitoring 
Since: 03/28/2003 
Outages: 10 
Uptime: 99.905% 

Year     Outages     Uptime 
2003         10         99.905% 

Month     Outages        Downtime                     Uptime 
June        5            0 hrs, 47 mins, 15 secs      99.836% 
May         3            0 hrs, 38 mins, 34 secs      99.914% 
April       2            0 hrs, 29 mins, 4 secs       99.933% 

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