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Skinning Curlew - Fantail

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Greetings!  I'm working on a Curlew, and I've started skinning the stern, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the skin smooth coming up over the fantail.  No matter where and how much I pull, I always wind up with it trying to pucker or fold.  I'm using the new 9 oz polyester.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Fact is it is not a an easy one to sew. 

Best method is do the bow first to gain that experience. 

Sew from the coaming to the stearn. Once you get the fantail  you just have to  do small stitches and work very methodically. Paying lots of attention to  what you are doing. Make sure that you get the fabric even on both sides as you stitch.

 Once you get to the very back you will be able to pull it a little tighter might pull some wrinkles out. Shrinking will remove some but it is just tricky to sew and patience is your friend.

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weboide, you said you started at the stern?  That will make it harder for sure.  Work from the combing forward, then the combing aft as Jeff mentions.  The fantail will still be fiddly, but much easier.

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