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New Year's Day Sail.

Tom Lathrop

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13 hours ago, Blkskmr said:

Tom,   Thank you.  We had a very nice sail. Were you sailing as well?   I just did a quick post on an idea I borrowed from you about the mizzen sheet.  It worked well. 




We were out but not in a sailboat and had Bluejacket 24 LIZ out.  I have either sold or given to others almost all my boats.  There comes a time for that and doctors say that my time has arrived to take things easier.  Here is a photo of Avocet.  Avid birdwatcher Liz was impressed as the avocet is her favorite bird.  Sorry for the quality as she had the camera on the wrong input and Photoshop plus my skill level can only do so much.  Wonder where the other 43 boats were in this picture?

avocet 1.jpg

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 The photo is very nice.  Also it shows your mid-sprit sheeting for the mizzen.   Thank you for the photo and the idea.  We have named all our boats after birds from our first boat Free Range Chickn' to our present Dinghy BlackSkimmer, and now the Avocet.    I would like to build a Marissa and name it Kingfisher  with a light grey hull and black boot stripe  All in good time.  I need to sail more now. 


Kind Regards 

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Our Spindrift 10 was named Scoter.  Bay River Skiff was Loon,  Liz named all the Birder kayaks.  She also named the Lapwing.  8 foot tender was Chirp.  Grand Slam 7.9 was Merlin.  Hunter 22 is Rooster.  Windmill 15.5 was Harbinger.  There are some outliers like a 13' runabout Scamp and BJ24 LIZ was named for her.  There are more birds than boats so there will be no shortage of bird names for anyone.  Mike and Linda's Red Knot continues the tradition.

liz pilothouse sole 2.jpg

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