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Poco Barta stern offsets

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Pardon my ignorance but I have never lofted before and have a bit of confusion with the Poco Barta offsets.  All the offsets are measured in 16th's except the stern.  so one measurement is 11.75, can I safely assume this is 11 and 3/4 inches? 

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My book has Poco Barta inch measurements in fractions. Yes, you are correct, it is shown as 11 12/16.

  Also, the 34" coaming offsets are found in the Curlew section. 

  Each bracket A dimension should be 4"+ the keel stringer Z dimension. 

  I ended up not using the bow & stern assemblies shown in the photo. They're built as designed, assembled with Titebond III and painted with 2 part grey polyurethane. You can have them for the cost of shipping. 

  I changed direction with my kayak and had custom laser-cut pieces fabricated.

  There are several other Poco Barta related posts in this forum, some misspelled.


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